SEO link building with Slide Link

SEO link building with Slide LinkShare your submission to 10 slide sharing sites

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SEO link building with Slideshare

What is Slide Link Building?

PowerPoint presentation is a very great way of putting across information. A lot of people find it difficult settling down to read long epistles about a particular topic. This group of individuals however, finds it much easier going through PowerPoint presentations for any information they are looking for.

PowerPoint is a form of presenting information where point forms are encouraged. The information are therefore straight to the point, as the presenter is expected to take out time to explain the points while presenting.

powerpoint presentation

With slides been uploaded online either as PowerPoint files or converted to html, slide link building entails linking pictures, texts or even videos on the slide to a website. Clicking on the picture, text or video will take the individual to the web page where it is linked to. Considering the fact that the explanation for slides uploaded online might not be readily available, links could be put on the slide to direct the reader to a web page where he or she can get more information about a particular point, picture or video.

Importance of Slide Link Building

1. Help users to get more information about slides

If you decide to put information about your business or organization on slides, it will be a very easy way to get people to go through it. As opposed to putting it out in a long prose form, the use of slides allows you to put out the information bit by bit on different slides and in points form.

Furthermore, the opportunity to add pictures, videos and other attractive illustrations makes it more appealing for people to read. There is however, the challenge of getting people to fully understand certain pictures and illustrations when you do not want to dump so many texts on the slide, which could be a turn off.

An easy way out is slide link building where you link such information to a web page where more information can be gotten. There is a high probability that most people who go through the slide will be captivated by it when it is done by an expert.

They will subsequently click on the strategic links that have been added for more information, if they have to. With this, they will be able to easily get clarification.

You can also add a link that goes to a contact us page where phone number and email of the organization is made available for calls or mails for further clarification. The contact page could also have a form they can fill directly and send for more information.

2. Directs traffic to your website

Slide link building is another good way of directing traffic to your website. Of course anybody who goes through your slides will expect that you should put your website either on the first page or last page of the slide so that they can easily visit your site should they want more information or if they have made up their minds to patronize you.

Where you also have to elaborate on some parts of the slide, links to a web page on your website explaining the points could also be added. Slide link building therefore, goes a long way to helping businesses and website owners generate links that people could click on to get to their website.

3. Helps you to reach out to a unique set of individuals

There are different groups of people and when you are marketing, you will want to reach every group of people who might be interested in your products and services.

One of such groups is those who just love to go through PowerPoint presentations. In fact, the easiest way to get the attention of this group of people is to just put any information on slides and they are willing to look at it.

For some, the attraction is just the ease and professionalism with which text, pictures and videos could be arranged to pass across a message, while for others it might be the fact that the information are in very brief points that will not take much of their time to read.

Yet for others, it is just the animations that can be put on slide objects that fascinate them. Irrespective of the reason, you will be able to appeal to easily appeal to them and have them patronize your products and services.

Slideshare Link Building

4. Strengthen rankings

The stronger the ranking of a website, the easier it will be for such websites to appear on the first page of search engine result pages. A lot of Internet marketing services would help you build strong rankings for your website so that you can benefit from the huge traffic that visit search engines on a daily basis.

Slide link building is a very important way of building strong rankings for website. Even though most websites where slides are shared on the Internet could change every link in the slide to no follow, search engines still have a way of ranking quality no follow links. Normally no follow links in slides are reputed to be some of the best quality no follow links and are often considered.

What is the Benefit you can get from Slide Link Building

With slide link building, it is very easy to promote your products and services on the Internet. When you have information on slides, you can help the viewers to get more information by linking them to a web page on your website where you have added more details about specific parts of the slides where more information is required. This will help them to get immediate better understanding of the slide and hopefully help them make up their mind to patronize you.

As a business owner with a website, the number of visitors to your web page will increase if you carry out slide link building on every slide that you have uploaded to the Internet or send to you clients and potential clients.

It will also be easy for you to reach out to slide lovers who are interested in your business. The ranking of your website by search engines will also improve with slide link building.

SEO link building with Slide Link
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