SEO link building with Question answer

SEO link building with Question answerBuild SEO backlinks from 20 question answer

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SEO link building with Question answer

What is Question Answer Link Building?

SEO link building with Question answerUsing a product or service for the first time can sometimes be very challenging. People could at any point get lost and wonder what is the next thing to do.

It might be that they missed a step in activating a service and don’t know how to go about it. It might also be that they got a product and they are noticing some things they don’t understand.

It could be a body cream and they are noticing some reactions they are not sure if it is normal or not normal. All of these lead to questions that will require answers.

Search engines like Google are amongst the most visited websites in the world because people could ask questions and get answers.

There are also a lot of questions and answer sites all over the world that are dedicated to asking questions and getting answers.

Furthermore, most websites and brands have FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and customer service for people with questions to ask and get answers. Questions and answers is therefore a very important part of marketing and question answer link building is vital for promotion of your website and your business.

Importance of Question Answer Link Building

1. Promotion of your business website

Question and answer platforms provides a very great opportunity for promoting your website. When people have a question, they are always very interested in anything that will help them to get answers.

Registering and posting on questions and answers sites is a very good way of making online friends. Furthermore, most of these questions and answers sites often give individuals opportunity to post a link.

For instance, an individual might be asking what the difference is between a linux and windows hosting platform, considering the fact that he is thinking of hosting a website and he is confused as to one to choose. As the owner of a platform that sells both linux and windows hosting platforms, you could give him one or two differences between the windows and linux platforms and then provide a link to your website where you have elaborated in full on the differences.

If you have an expert SEO web designer handling your website, he would have recommended and implemented it, considering the fact that it is very important. If not, you could quickly put together a detailed explanation and have it uploaded on your website.

Then you can provide the link to the answer. The person after reading the reasons you provided will want to get the full details since he is at the verge of making an important decision. He would definitely get to your website and after reading and making up his or her mind, he might just decide to patronize you seeing that you have been of immense help to him or her.

Promotion of your business website

2. Promotion of business

On question and answer sites, you also have the opportunity to promote your business. Question answer link building will however, give you the opportunity to direct them to where they can patronize you. For instance, if someone is asking about having acne and wondering how to get rid of it, you could recommend your cream to them.

After the recommendation, you can add a link to reviews by people that have the same ailment and have used your cream to solve it, which will be within your website.

From here, the person will be able to easily get to your products page and make an order or get to your contact us page to place a call to your company.

3. Enhancing customer loyalty

When you are very active on question and answer sites, it makes it easier for customers to continue to patronize you. They will be rest assured that if any issue comes up, it will be easy to communicate with you directly to get the way out.

They will therefore, generally prefer to do business with you compared to doing business with those that are difficult to directly reach out to on question and answer pages.

It is therefore a good idea to have a question and answer page on your website as well as invest heavily on question answer link building on sites where questions related to your niche are been asked.

4. Encouraging new customers to patronize your product

Just like your existing customers will cling to you because of your customer service in terms of addressing questions, new customers are also always attracted as well.

Most new customers will always have questions they want to ask you before they make up their minds to patronize you. After patronizing you, they might also get confused or notice some strange things they want to get clarifications to.

Businesses that create adequate and easily accessible platforms for addressing questions of customers and potential customers have an advantage in attracting new customers compared to those who do not.

Even when those who do not happen to get new customers, they will quickly lose those new customers due to their lack of availability to answer pressing questions those indivdiuals might have.

What is the Benefit you stand to gain from Question Answer Link Building?

Customer service is a very vital part of any business and it plays an important role in keeping old customers as well as convincing a potential customer to use your products and/or services.

One of the most important roles of customer service is to answer the questions of customers and potential customers. The quest for getting answers to questions creates a very great opportunity businesses could exploit towards answering those people while also introducing their products and services as an answer to the individual’s question.

As a business owner, you will benefit a lot from question answer link building as people will always ask questions about your businesses.

Providing answers to the questions will go a long way to convince such individuals that when they use your product or service, they will be able to easily contact you for guidance. You will be able to keep old customers while getting new ones at a fast rate if you invest in question answer link building.

SEO link building with Question answer
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