SEO link building with Image Link

SEO link building with Image LinkCreate 15 image sharing sites backlinks HIGH quality

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SEO link building with Image Link

What is Image Link Building

The Internet provides opportunity to place different items on the Internet. These include text, pictures and videos in different formats. Pictures can come in the form of images, graphic designs or animated.

Pictures are very important on web pages as they help in adding to the beauty of a page. By using colorful pictures, people get more attracted to your web pages and enjoy going through your posts more.

Furthermore, a picture is able to easily convey a very huge number of information and deliver at a glance. With this, the attraction to pictures easily makes people to get the information on the picture.

Make the picture and the information it is catching enough attractive enough and the individual might just take the pain to read through your whole post even if he or she did not originally intend to. Image link building also come in handy as a means of adding a link back to your website.

With image link building, it is the act of putting a link on an image so that clicking on the image will take the user to another page, where there should be more information about the picture.


Importance of Image Link Building

1. Search Engine Optimization

The use of image link building enhances search engine optimization for web pages. Image links are very important tools for optimizing web pages by taking advantage of the alt attribute feature.

The image alt attribute text offers the same purpose like using an anchor text in in articles. Even though the alt attribute text on pictures is not generally as efficient when compared to using link texts, it is albeit, still very important.

This, however, does not mean that alt attribute text does not carry any importance in image links as they are a consideration by search engines for optimization of web pages.

The best way to get your image link building optimized for search engine is by putting awkward phrases that will serve as keywords in the alt attribute text of the image link.

For instance, you might have a home page that is titled “television sales and repairs”, you can put the same phrase or a related keyword phrase related to television sales and repairs in the alt attribute text of the image link.

With this, if anybody searches for any image that is related to that keyword, it would show as a picture in the search results. The individual might eventually get to the page where the picture is and clicking on the picture will direct them to your website. In the end, you could achieve a sale if the customer goes ahead to patronize you.

2. Passing across of more information about the image

Usually images are normally very beautiful and attractive to people. Furthermore, they save those who do not love to read that stress of going through many texts before they know if the information on that page is actually related to what they are looking for or not.

The first thing a lot of people usually look out for when they get to a web page is images. It can however, be challenging getting all the information you want to pass across to the customer in just a single image.

Through image link building however, the person can easily see the picture, click on the picture and he will be taken to a page where he can get every information he will likely need, as well as a contact box he can fill, in the event that he has more questions about the information.

If you want to get the best out of image link building, it might be best you get an expert or a link building expert to help you out with it, for the best results. It is important to confirm that they are good in link building as not every SEO company have the ability to perfectly implement image link building.

3. Sending traffic to your website

With image link building, you are able to upload a picture and those who are interested are able to click on the picture to get more information about the picture.

Once they click on the picture, it takes them to a page on your website where they can easily get more information and probably a call to action to patronize the products and services you offer.

You therefore, get great traffic to your website and more sales with the aid of image link building. It is however, important that you use the right techniques for your image link building endeavors.

One of the best approach to achieve this is to ensure that the picture is attractive enough to catch the attention of prospective clients, it should have enough information to give the person a clue, but not every information the individual will need.

The hunger to get the complete information is what will motivate the person to click on your picture and in return, you get traffic to your website.

Image Link Building

What you stand to benefit from Image Link Building

Image link building, just like other internet marketing services techniques is very important for optimizing websites for search engines. When your website is properly optimized for search engines, you will be able to get targeted traffic of individuals who would be interested in your products and /or services to your website.

With this, not only would you get a high number of daily visits to your website, but the conversion rate (total number of people that patronized your products and/or service against the total number of people that visited your website) will be very high.

As a business owner, you will be raking in more profit within a very short while. This will also apply to those who have websites that give information and use adsense, affiliate marketing or other means to get money.

From image link building, you also get the advantage of giving your clients more information by encouraging them to click a link, probably linking to your site, where there are more details about the initial information in the picture. This will also translate to more traffic on your website.

SEO link building with Image Link
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