SEO link building with Audio Link

SEO link building with Audio LinkAudio submission to top 10 great sites for links

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SEO link building with Audio Link

What is audio link building

There are many mediums through which information can be passed across from one person to the other. One of the most common means is through the use of speech or music. It is possible to have an audio recording of a text or song which can be dubbed on different means such as compact disks (CDs), flash drives, stored on computer or uploaded to the Internet.

In as much as it is not common place to have links directly on an audio file, since they usually have controls on them that should be clicked, it is still very possible to carry out audio link building.

Audio link building in this case, will be carried out by the individual mentioning the address of the link during the audio recording.

This could be mentioned in the intro or outro of the audio recording or in the middle of the speech depending. Listening to the audio will give the listener the opportunity to hear the link and subsequently visit the website at his or her own time. The use of audio link building is becoming more popular due to its importance.


Importance of audio link building

1. More traffic

With the presence of so many gadgets that we can use to listen to audio files and are forced to carry around such as laptops, smartphones and ipods amongst others, listening to audio file is becoming more common.

The use of earphone has also made it more comfortable as it is possible for an individual to listen to audios anywhere without necessarily disturbing anybody else. With audio link building, people get to know a website they can visit, thereby leading to traffic to the site.

For example, there are a lot of music download files that have learnt to musically add the name of their website to the beginning or other parts of a song while playing.

Music lovers can therefore, easily visit such sites whenever they hear a music they admire and decide to download them. These sites therefore get a significant percentage of their traffic from people who have one way or the other stumbled upon a music downloaded from their website and have heard the URL address maintained over and over while listening to music.

Businesses too can benefit from this, as it is possible to do an audio jingle for your business either with music or speech. Irrespective of your choice, the website URL could be strategically mentioned, preferably towards the end of the jingle.

This will be beneficial to the listener, because there are chances that he came in towards the end of the jingle, but heard enough at the end to make him want to know more about the product.

Furthermore, those who listened to the jingle all through but want more information or want to purchase the product online will be able to proceed to the website as mentioned in the audio to get the information they need and make purchases.

They might however not have been attentive enough to pick the website at the beginning of the jingle, since it is during the jingle they might get attracted and see reasons to seek for further information.

audio link building

2. Getting the information on the audio tape

It is possible for individuals to hear a part of an audio tape or the whole audio tape from a public location or someone whom they could not get the file from.

If a website they can download the tape from or get the information on the tape is mentioned during the tape, they will be able to go through the information once more while thinking on the action they are going take based on the information on the tape.

The website will also be a for more information platform, where after listening to the audio, they want to know more. With the website mentioned during the audio, they automatically know the easiest place to visit to download the audio for their selves as well as get more information about the tape, the people behind the tape and what the people behind the tape do.

Considering that the purpose of the audio in the first place is to disseminate information, just make sure every information in the audio is in the website and the website address is mentioned towards the end of the audio.

It will not be bad to have it mentioned more than thrice as well. Beginning and ending or beginning, middle and ending. This is because different factors can determine which part of the audio an individual will listen to. Some people listen to the beginning and miss the ending.

3. Helps people to make purchases

If an individual have listened to an audio and have decided to take action, a visit to the website will be necessary. When it is mentioned in the audio, the individual will know where to go to, to begin the process of taking action which will normally entailing seeking more information or making an order of the product.

What you stand to benefit from audio link building

One of the best ways to carry out internet marketing services is through audio link building. There are a lot of SEO companies and internet marketing services that use audio ling building to promote the business of clients.

The promotion subsequently leads to people getting some information from the audio. After this, they might want to seek out part of the audio they have missed, get more information in addition to those in the audio or go ahead to request for the product or service that was discussed in the audio.

All of this will require the presence of some contact information on how to get the information. The major contact information usually include a website, phone number, email address and contact address. The cheapest and fastest way to look for more information is usually the website. Audio link building therefore, goes a long to make the effort of recording an audio even more successful.

SEO link building with Audio Link
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